Value of a variable   Any number that a variable represents.

Variable   A symbol used to represent one or more numbers.

Variable expression   A mathematical expression that contains a variable.

Vertex (of angle) The common endpoint of the rays forming an angle

Vertex (of polygon) Any one of the endpoints of the segments forming the polygon

Vertex (of polyhedron) A point where the edges of a polyhedron intersect

Vertex (of prism) Any one of the points where the edges of a prism intersect

Vertex of a polygon or polyhedron  0,   The point at which two sides of a polygon or three or more edges of a polyhedron intersect.

Vertex of an angle   The common endpoint of two intersecting rays.

Vertical angles   The angles opposite each other when two lines intersect to form four angles

Volume   A measure of the space occupied by a solid.

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