Geometric construction   A geometric drawing for which only a compass and a straightedge may be used.

Geometry The study of space

Goldbach's conjecture A conjecture (or guess) made by Goldbach in 1742 stating that any even number greater

than four can be written as the sum of two odd primes.

Gram The unit of measure for mass in the metric system

Graph of a number   The point on the number line paired with the number.

Graph of an equation  0 The line consisting of all points whose coordinates satisfy the equation.

Greatest common divisor The greatest common divisor of two or more fractions is the largest number which will

 divide each of the given fractions a whole number of times

Greatest common factor The largest number which is a factor of both or all of two or more counting numbers

Greatest possible error Half the unit used to measure

Grouping symbols   Symbols such as parentheses,( ), and brackets, [], that are used to group expressions.


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