Bar graph A graph in which the length of a bar is used to represent a numerical amount

Base (of numeration system) The number upon which the place values of a system are based.  For example,

10 is the base of our decimal system, and 2 is the base of the binary system

Base (with exponents) The number being used as a factor in a problem with exponents

Base of a geometric figure    A selected side or face.

Base, in percent relationship p.  The number of which a percent is taken.

Base, numerical A number that is raised to some power.  In 53, 5  is the base.

Binary notation The system of numeration using two as its base

Bisect  To divide a geometric figure into two congruent parts.

Bisector (of angle) The ray which divides an angle into two angles having equal mea1sures

Bisector (of line segment) The line (or point) which divides a line segment into two congruent segments

Box-and-whisker plot A data display that uses a box to indicate the middle 0% of the data and whiskers to   

indicate the lower and upper % of the data.

Braces The symbols used when defining or listing the elements of a set

Broken line graph A line graph in which line segments are used to connect the points which represent the given


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